Dental Implants

There is the surgical phase:
Dr Sandler places the implant, which (in certain cases) can be done with local anesthetic alone, although more often with some sedation, and rarely requiring general anaesthetic with a specialist anesthetist in attendance. All implant surgery is done at the Oral Surgery Day Centre In Chatswood.

Then the restorative phase:
The crown or bridge is fabricated by your dentist Dr Sandler and your dentist confer regarding your overall treatment plan before proceeding, and all options of tooth replacement are discussed.

More on Dental Implants

A dental implant is a titanium screw that is inserted as a foundation to replace any lost teeth – single or multiple. This can be done at the time of extraction in selected cases, or at any time after teeth have been lost.
“Teeth in a day” and replacement of “all teeth on four” implants (in selected cases) require preliminary 3-D scanning and back-to-back appointments for surgery and your dentist. Co-ordinated appointments are scheduled in advance.

Every situation is different and treatment will be tailored to your individual requirement, importantly to meet your expectations.